Our Story

Support Hound was created by an Oregon attorney for Oregon attorneys.

It was clear to SupportHound’s founder, Julie Gentili Armbrust, that divorce cases tended not to settle due to disagreements over spousal support. Spousal support is essentially a mathematical equation of moving the correct amount of money from one party to the other party. It may be a complex mathematical equation to determine the correct amount, but it is still a mathematical equation. The problem was that the mathematical equation needed data… data from spousal support awards. This simple solution to a complex problem became an annoying gnat in Julie’s ear.

In 2012, Julie founded the Lane County Spousal Support Matrix Project. She shepherded a team of dedicated law clerks to research spousal support awards from Lane County Circuit Court beginning on January 2, 2013 and continuing through April 2015. The team compiled the awards into the Matrix and sent it to Lane County family law attorneys. They found what worked, what didn’t work, and continued to perfect the process, the data, and the algorithm.

Beginning in April 2016, the team began the task of morphing the Matrix into SupportHound. If the Matrix was a cute, but unreliable puppy, Support Hound is the K9 drug detection dog who has it all together! SupportHound tracks down spousal support awards… so you don’t have to.