Negotiating spousal support has never been easier

How to use SupportHound

1. Enter your facts and search criteria

  • Enter your facts and search criteria
  • Enter your party’s information
  • Enter the search criteria for the spousal support cases
  • If you want, you can limit the search criteria to only cases that went to trial or include child support.

2. Review, revise and recalculate

  • Review the suggested monthly award information
  • Review each case for indefinite or lump sum awards
  • Exclude any case that is not appropriate for your situation
  • Recalculate
  • Print the results!


"Negotiating spousal support without SupportHound is like researching case law without Westlaw, Lexis-Nexis ® , or FastCase ™."

~ Jim, Attorney

"I just tried SupportHound and LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Really easy to use and very informative."

Lynn, Attorney

"We love SupportHound's reporting and how it is simple. We can show a client the typical award, which may appease them, allay fears, or serve to force both sides to come to a settlement. SupportHound takes away the guess work. "

~ Jeff, Attorney At Law

"I love being able to see the compiled case data and the suggested award!"

~ Julie, Attorney

"SupportHound is fantastic! Very intuitive and a great way to set parameters not only for opposing counsel, but for my own clients (who often have no frame of reference for what a “fair” and “reasonable” amount is)."

~ Kevin, Attorney at Law

"Attorneys would be remiss not to start their spousal support research with Support Hound. It is the only program in our market that tracks awards and provides data that can effectively inform clients."

~ Jacy, Attorney

"All I can say is, WOW!"

~ Linda, mediator

"Love the website, love the service!"

~ Brad, Attorney at Law

"SupportHound provides the data to help me make my award analysis stronger and it greatly improves my ability to talk to my clients about realistic support awards."

~ Kathryn, Attorney at Law

"This resource is invaluable!! I called the help number and was walked through the whole process; all of my questions were answered!"

~ Megan, legal assistant